Wim de Zwart     DSCN1143.JPG

January 10 1954

Originally educated as a schoolteacher. Later as a teacher French and History. Employed for many years as a teacher French / History at a Secondary Special Needs School. In 2000 finished the training Remedial Teacher and in 2001 the training Remedial Specialist. Ever since employed at the Secondary school BC Broekhin. The main work here is supervising students with language problems (especially dyslexic students). Besides that also in charge of the coordination of remedial help-lessons. Since 2002 Johansen-IAS therapist. Educated by Dr. Kjeld V. Johansen. Member of the International Johansen-IAS group.  Since 2008 Master of Arts in Linguïstics graduated at the Free University of Amsterdam with the thesis “Possible effects of specific auditory stimulation on language processing”.The Johansen-IAS therapy is an auditory stimulation therapy that can be used with children, adolescents and adults with information processing difficulties. By auditory stimulation (frequency stimulation) nerve pathways to and within the language centres in the brain are stimulated in a way that clients afterwards more easily and effectively can process any information offered to them.