Checklist auditory processing difficulties

The items mentioned below can indicate that there is an auditory processing difficulty. When some of these are recognized, it can be possible that the Johansen-IAS therapy can be helpful. However this isn’t always the case. First we need to know if there are no ear problems. We often see similar symptoms. When there are some ear problems, they should be treated first.

In the first appointment before starting the treatment the items that apply to ones situation will be discussed in detail. Then there can be decided to start the therapy or to refer to someone else.

Concentration / attention / listening:

*daydreams in class

*disruptive in class (possible because they can’t follow the teacher for prolonged period)

*difficulty following through instructions–needs to check with teacher / classmate to be sure

*difficulty coping with background noise–works better 1 to 1 than in class

*difficulty settling down to independent work / prep

*prep / homework takes much longer to complete than it should

*appears not to listen to what is being said

*does not always respond when name is called or when being addressed as part of a group

*evidence of standing back to see what others are doing before following a verbal instruction


*word finding problems-struggles to find the word they want to say

*speech poorly articulated or slow, hesitant or confused

*confusion / difficulty saying multi-syllable words

*difficulty initiating / maintaining conversation or asking questions

Reading and spelling:

*difficulty with decoding / encoding

*appears not to hear the sounds / sound sequence in words

*difficulty writing words correctly (lot of spelling errors)

*difficulty listening and taking notes simultaneously


*early history of ear infections / glue ear / or hearing problems prior to age four

*family history of speech, reading or spelling difficulties (including reluctant readers)

*oversensitivity to / dislike of loud or particular sound

*difficulty making / sustaining friendships (slow processing may cause difficulties keeping up with fast-paced banter of peer group)