Children, adolescents and adults with speech and / or language difficulties (including learning problems and dyslexia) can benefit from J-IAS. It supports appropriate management and teaching for the development of important skills such as:

        -attention and concentration

        -understanding spoken language

        -clear speech

        -social communication

        -noticing letter-sounds for reading and spelling

        -confidence and self esteem

In concrete we see the following improvements:

        -less spelling errors

        -better reading level

        -better handwriting

        -better speech

        -better vocabulary

        -better sentence structure

        -better skills for studying

        -better understanding in noisy rooms

        -better short memory

        -less impulsive

        -better concentration

        -better social skills

Not only children / adolescents with speech and language problems did benefit from this therapy, we also had good results with children / adolescents suffering from autisme (PDD-NOS). When you are able to process incoming auditory information in a right way, this can not only lead to a better language acquisition and language processing, but also can lead to of a better social functioning. When you understand what you have been told, you can better judge the situation and are able toreact adequately.