The language centres are situated predominantly in the left hemisphere of the brain for nearly all right handed individuals as well as for the majority of those who are left handed. The quickest and most efficient way for language information to reach the processing area in the left hemisphere is dominantly via the right ear. This is because of laterality in human body. (Stimuli from the right hemisphere control the left part of the body and the opposite). The left ear provides a supporting role. Inconsistent or left ear preference can adversely affect the learning of language and the organization of language within the brain. As a result sounds within words, words themselves or even whole sentences may be jumbled or pronounced in the wrong sequence. This in turn may affect the understanding and production of both speech and writing. Where language is poorly organized a child will have to work hard to unravel what is said to him and may be unable to sustain the level of concentration required to do so, thus affecting learning.